Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rock It

Geology-meets-art-meets-fashion in these absolutely stunning pieces by British Designer and Royal College of Art grad, Bethan Laura Wood. 

The Soft Rock Scarf collection features digitally printed scarves, based on the make up of various rocks and minerals. Designed to embody and demonstrate the natural lines, the scarves take on the characteristics of their chosen composition, creating a style and shape unique to itself, allowing each scarf to be worn differently.

A combination of striking print, pattern and colour, these creations are a perfect example of the fashion/art concept; the scientific element only adds to this remarkable and simply stunning collection. 

The scarves are currently on sale at the Design Museum at

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shiny Quilted Happy People

As the colder winter nights draw in and the days appear shorter, winter coats are at the forefront of the savvy shoppers mind. And rightly so, as this year we're spoilt for style choice: duffles, parkas, cocoons (Egg) capes and fur. But one coat, a '90s favourite (I had one!), is making a comeback and doing it with gusto. The belted and cinched-waist quilted coats are looking better than ever, and far classier! Adapted for every taste and style, it is one of my favourite winter coat looks this year. However, my adoration for these warm puffy babies have taken on a somewhat Magpie obsession - SHINY! Oh so shiny! The shinier the better. It creates an over the top feel on a rather simple style. Extra puff and extra shine is the way to go. Set against the glorious winter sun or drenched in ice cold winter rain, these quilted coats will look absolutely spectacular.

These glorious creations would look stunning worn with anything and worn anywhere, so it's definitely a versatile coat; yes, even with all the shine going on. Told you I was obsessed. Plus, they will in no doubt keep you pretty darn snug and warm! A great investment.

Different lengths, different colours, with or without hood, for every budget; there are many choices. Go for the ultra blinding shine coupled with a stand-out colour or perhaps a more subtle sheen in an equally bright tone. And you can't go wrong with a glass-like sparkly number in classic black or brown. 

Here are a few that have caught my eye, including the tangy little gem pictured above. So sexy.

Asos/Vero Moda




Vero Moda



House of Fraser



As you've probably heard, Versace is making their H&M debut November 17 2011 at 9am in selected stores and online. Queue stampedes as many will find themselves thrust in to a carnival style bustle at opening time.

Pic: H&M
The fashion world is in a frenzy as customers prepare their cards for some serious spending abuse and begin coveting the collections postmodern abstract pieces. A vibrant, psychedelic palette mixed in with leather textures and slimline silhouettes, it's daring in all the right places.

I have already ticked off the items I want in my wardrobe. Not going to go crazy. My bank balance can't handle crazy at the moment. Just going to browse and choose wisely (she says, rather unconvincingly!)

I love the pieces on offer. Sexy. Audacious. Inventive. Go all out, mix it up or combine selected pieces with favourite basics and accessories of your choice, and you're good to go!

Pic: H&M

Pic: H&M

Pic: H&M

Pic: H&M

Pic: H&M

Pic: InStyle/H&M

Pic: InStyle/H&M

Pic: InStyle/H&M

Pic: InStyle/H&M

Friday, October 28, 2011

Album Art - October

Once a month, I will be posting 10 of the my favourite CD covers for music released that month. No specific criteria. Just whatever represents the notion of art - limitless, imaginative and stays with you long after you've seen it. Music aside. Enjoy!