Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Do You Get If You Cross Rihanna with Armani?


She's worked with Gucci on the Tattoo Heart Collection campaign, designed for H&M, and has been the face of Cover Girl and Nivea. And now, the anticipated Armani Jeans Capsule Collection designed by Rihanna, the new face of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear (she bumped off Megan Fox) have hit the shelves. 

The collection, described as 'fearless fashion', include t-shirts with the Armani logo and Ri's 'R' motif, with RiRi's face printed on the front; boyfriend jeans with a much slimmer leg; motorcycle jackets, bags and 'feminine, reasonably priced and perfect for everyday' underwear. The items are a total reflection of the stars personality: Multi-faceted; girlie, but with a masculine, hardened and very sexy edge. Didn't really want to use the word 'rock' or the 'rock chick' tag as I personally think it gets thrown around waaahhhaaaay too much

The pieces look and sound effortlessly hot. And I have to get my hands on that biker jacket! (See vid below). I have always preferred Rihanna's relaxed, but hell-a-sexy look, and think this collection will really demonstrate that to a tee (pun most definitely intended!) 

The collection is available now; with a much noted and well publicised affordable price tag. Always a good thing!

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Armani/Daily Mail

Armani/Daily Mail

Armani/Daily Mail

Armani/Daily Mail

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